Monitoring and Uptime

Monitoring and Uptime

March 3, 2017 SEO, WebDev no comments

Too often when working with a website you get comfortable loading and see the site working with your own eyes, but what does your website look like to others? Recently started working with a new client and the first thing I did was to add his sites to the Site Monitoring tool Pingdom. I like to keep an eye on how their websites perform, especially after I make any major changes to them. Response time is a killer to SEO.
Pingdom Uptime ChartAfter it ran for half a day I took a peek and discovered something strange, every 2 hours the website was unreachable for exactly 10 minutes. Bringing this up to the client they scratched their head a bit and responded “that’s odd… lemme look at my cron jobs”

After disabling a suspect cronjob and magically the site started running smoothly again as you can see in the chart above. Now to see if this helps improve his SEO and visitor conversion rate.

What Are Cron Jobs?

Cron jobs are scripts which run at predetermined times defined in a Crontab. This is a feature found on all Unix and Linux based web hostings.

Welcome to Internexio LLC

February 26, 2017 General no comments

Welcome to Internexio LLC, where we see to advance search marketing through advanced keyword analysis and paid search strategies. In addition to PPC I will also discuss other issues such as SEO, Web Development, programming and more, with a goal of finding smarter, faster, easier, & cheaper methods to acquire and convert visitors online.

What does Internexio mean?
Internexio derives from the Latin words inter which means “between” and nexio which means “the act of tying or binding together“. Putting those together Internexio is binding together that which is in between, it’s acting as the knot which is holding things together.

With over 20 years of working for ISPs, online retailers, publishers, and other tech businesses it is my goal to help  my clients succeed in everything they choose to  accomplish.